Olden Manor

91 Olden Lane

Part of Early Stony Brook and The Emergence of Princeton Extravagance.


Photograph courtesy of the Institute for Advanced Study

William Olden is typically considered one of the first six settlers of Stony Brook, but documentary evidence reveals that he actually lived with his wife Elizabeth on a farm near the Raritan River to the north, despite owning 333 acres in Princeton. In 1719, he deeded 200 of those acres to his son John, who built this house in the same year. John and Mary Olden raised nine children here and were active participants in Stony Brook Quaker life. One of the house’s later owners, perhaps their son James Olden, made significant additions to the house near the end of the century, reflecting later generations’ increasing wealth and comfort.

Original Sections: shorter western wing

Present Use: owned by the Institute of Advanced Study, Director’s residence

91 Olden

Survey of land purchased by William Olden from Benjamin Clarke for £45 in 1696
Collection of the Historical Society of Princeton