Rex Goreleigh’s Field Workers

On loan from the Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church, Rex Goreleigh’s Field Workers is on view in the first floor hallway of the farmhouse. Artist Rex Goreleigh began the Migrant Series when he discovered that the “children of migrant workers were being systematically segregated from other children.” They were also not taking part in the summer arts and crafts program that Goreleigh was teaching in Roosevelt, New Jersey during the summers of 1955 and 1956. His watercolor drawings and oil paintings brought to light the difficult conditions under which African-American migrant laborers worked and lived on the farms of central New Jersey in the 1950s through the 1970s. An exhibition of Goreleigh’s work, Rex Goreleigh: Revisited in Princeton was on view at the Historical Society’s Bainbridge House location in the fall of 2009.