Programs for Scouts

Field trips are $8 per Scout (minimum of 10 per program). For more information, or to make a reservation for your troop, please contact Eve Mandel, Director of Programs and Outreach, at 609-921-6748, or

Downtown Princeton Walking Tours

Picturing Princeton

Troops become history detectives by exploring three centuries of Princeton history through this lively walking tour which highlights the town’s diverse architectural styles. By visiting landmarks such as Nassau Hall, Bainbridge House and the Princeton Battle Monument, students explore the early years of the community and the country.
Cub Scouts: Making My Family Special (Tiger); What Makes America Special? (Bear)
Boy Scouts: American Heritage Merit Badge
Girl Scouts: Celebrating Community Badge (Brownie)

Sculpture Scavenger Hunt

Discover modern masterpieces from J. Seward Johnson and Princeton University’s John B. Putnam Jr. Memorial Collection on this town and campus tour. Children will use their observation skills to find, identify and sketch a variety of mediums as they learn about the artists and the stories behind their creations.
Boy Scouts: Sculpture Merit Badge

Field Trips to The Updike Farmstead

Bug Safari

Your troop will enjoy catching bugs and examining them under a magnifying glass. They’ll identify and release what they find, learn about the life stages of butterflies and bees, and discover the difference between helpful and harmful insects. Last, each child will create their own crafty bug. (Available May-October)
Boy Scouts: Insect Study Merit Badge
Girl Scouts: Bugs Badge (Brownie)

Eat Your Veggies!

Why do parents always say that? Learn about the nutrients in carrots, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes and how they help your body. Visit our Unity Garden to see what’s growing, plant seeds, or pick food that’s ready to harvest! Bring home a new recipe to share with your family. Younger troops will decorate a USDA food plate, while older children will plan a healthy menu. (Available May-October)
Boy Scouts: Gardening, Plant Science, Personal Fitness Merit Badges
Cub Scouts: Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe (Tiger); Cooking and Eating, Grow Something (Wolf)
Girl Scouts: My Best Self (Brownie); Staying Fit and Gardener (Junior); Healthy Living (Cadette)

Lenape Life

Examine the culture of “the Original People” that hunted, farmed and fished in New Jersey thousands of years ago. Hands on activities include gardening in the “Three Sisters” section of the Unity Garden, handling unearthed stone tools and arrowheads and creating a beaded bracelet. In addition, scouts will map out the Assunpink Trail, learn Indian words for animals and discover the meaning behind the names of New Jersey places.
Cub Scouts: American Indian Lore Elective (Wolf); American Indian Life Elective (Bear)
Boy Scouts: Indian Lore Merit Badge
Girl Scouts: Native American Heritage Council Patch (all levels)

Outreach Programs

Let us bring history to you! HSP offers outreach programs. Powerpoint presentations are conducted in a discussion format, with a lively interaction between HSP’s Director of Programs and your troop.

Princeton: Then and Now

Length: 1 hour
Cost: $125 per program

Princeton was settled more than 300 years ago. What has changed over the years, and what has stayed the same? Enjoy a virtual tour of this historic town, while learning its history through transportation, education, historic sites and shopping! At the conclusion of the presentation, scouts can design postcards of their hometown 100 years in the future.
Cub Scouts: What Makes America Special? (Bear)
Boy Scouts: American Heritage Merit Badge
Girl Scouts: Celebrating Community Badge (Brownie)


How to Book a Program:

For more information or to make a reservation, please call Eve Mandel at 609-921-6748, or email All field trips must have at least one chaperone for every 8 children. Large groups will be split during programs as necessary.