Princeton History Journal

From 1971 to 2001, the Historical Society published a scholarly journal of original research related to the remarkable and significant history of Princeton. The Journal’s content continues to be a valuable resource for students, scholars, and curious residents alike. A full list of the articles in the Princeton History journal’s issues is below.

The Princeton History journal can be accessed online via the Princeton University Library catalog. Hard copies are available in the Princeton Room at the Princeton Public Library, at Firestone Library at Princeton University, and in the Reading Room at the Historical Society of Princeton.

Princeton History, no. 1, 1971

Bainbridge House
Constance Mann Greiff

Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Movement in New Jersey
Arthur S. Link

Hemingway and Princeton
Carlos Baker

When Merwick was the University’s “Graduate House” 1905-1913
Willard Thorp

Princeton in 1874, A Bird’s Eye View
Halsey Thomas

Album of Princeton Photographs

Book Reviews

Princeton History, no. 2, 1977

Guernsey Hall
Eleanor Marquand Delanoy

The Great Princeton Mail Robbery
Lucius Wilmerding, Jr.

The Princeton Group
Ernest Gordon

Alexander Hall at the Princeton Theological Seminary
Robert S. Beaman

Mr. Eliot’s Stay in Princeton
Margaret M. Keenan

General Washington’s Highway
Elizabeth G.C. Menzies

Book Reviews

Princeton History, no. 3, 1982

The Princeton Grandees
Nathaniel Burt

The Five Houses
Constance Greiff

The Olden Family of Drumthwacket
Mary Spence

The Spanels of Drumthwacket
Margaret Spanel

The Remodeled Drumthwacket
William H. Short

Development of Constitution Hill
Perry Morgan Jr.

Princeton History, no. 4, 1983

Origins of the Delaware and Raritan Canal
Lewis B. Cuyler

Princeton Basin
Nancy Knox

Architectural Terra Cotta: A Local Industry
Diane Jones Sliney

Princeton History, no. 5, 1986

Dr. Benjamin Rush in Princeton: 1777-1778
Ruth L. Woodword

Princeton Plagues: The Epidemics of 1832, 1880, and 1918-19
Frederick English

Princeton’s First Pediatrician
Jeannette Munro

The Genial Dr. Howell: Princeton Medicine in the 1820’s-1830’s
Nancy Knox

Princeton History, no. 6, 1987

Heckscher Arrives in Princeton
William S. Heckscher

Émigrés and Students
Murray H. Reich

Three Russian Women
Beverly S. Almgren

Jews in Princeton
Gertrude W. Dubrovsky

Scholars Before the Wind
Sally R. Roberts

The Émigrés and the Town
Norma Turner

Princeton History, no. 7, 1988

Henry Van Dyke, Poet of Genteel Princeton
Nathaniel Burt

Woodrow Wilson
Arthur S. Link

Goethe, Thomas Mann and Einstein
Mary Lou Kohfeldt Stevenson

. . .And John O’Hara
John D. Davies

Princeton History, no. 8, 1989

The Promised Land at Princeton: Princeton and the Great Awakening, 1734-1756
Martin Flaherty

Hugh Stott Tayler
Margaret Keenan

A Theatrical Love Affair in Princeton
Stuart Duncan

Small Town, Distinguished Architects: Part 1
Constance Greiff, et al

Princeton History, no. 9, 1990

A Very Troublesome Person: Princeton’s First Settler, Dr. Henry Greenland
John M. Murrin

With Promptness, Efficiency, and Exactness: Princeton and the 1850 Census
Philip A. Hayden

The McClellans, Father and Son
Frederick M. English

Small Town Distinguished Architects: Part 2
William Short, et al

Princeton History, no. 10, 1991

Views of Morven
Constance Greiff

Prime: Another Resident of Bainbridge House
Giles R. Wright

She Calls Herself Betsey Stockton
Constance K. Escher

Princeton History, no. 11, 1992

Sarah Jane Potter and the Interior Decoration of Prospect, 1852-1877
Margaret K. Hofer

Double Dick: Princeton’s Other Richard Stockton
Philip A. Hayden

Princeton and Pearl Harbor: Town and Gown
Richard D. Challener

The Response to the War
Richard D. Challener 

Princeton History, no. 12, 1994

How Are Things Up On the Hill?
Jeanne Silvester

Back to the Future: The Farsighted Four
Randy Hobler

Experiencing Megalopolis in Princeton
Micheal E. Ebner

Princeton History, no. 13, 1995

Mary Watts’ Store
Jeanne Silvester

Taking Care of Business
Nancy Brewer Eills

Cesar Pronier’s Visit
Allan C. Lane and P.C. Kemeny

A Playbill of Shops
Nancy Brewer Eills

Princeton History, no. 14, 1997

Einstein in a Rear-View Mirror
James R. Blackwood

A Princeton Family in 1825
Nancy Brewer Eills

Reflections on a Surviving Issue of ‘The Citizen’
Kevin Gaines

Completing the Historical Record: Princeton’s First Exhibition on the African American Community
Dwandalyn Reece King

Princeton History, no. 15, 1998

Craftsmanship, Comfort and Elegance: The Architecture of Rolf W. Bauhan, 1920-1966
Emily Croll

Tusculum: The History of a House
Constance M. Greiff & Wanda S. Gunning

Moved Buildings in Princeton
Susanne Hand

Princeton History, no. 16, 2001

The Rose Family Photography Studio in Princeton